#RealReads Christianity’s Role in Perpetuating Sexism

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Sep 14 2021 • 7 mins

Religious Women have played an important role in advancing the struggle for gender parity, economic equity and defying stereotypes over the years. However, as much as the world seems to be evolving with #girlpower and #womenempowerment recognisable hashtags, the restrictive beliefs and structures constructed by religion have hindered the advancement of feminists movements.

A review of the first sin committed by Eve and the punishment meted out to her in the Bible justifies the “rationalisation” and punishment assigned to Women. These gender disparities and stereotypes are pervasive in many societies as scholars, religious and political leaders use this reference as justification for the limitations on and status of Women around the world.

It is imperative to note that many of the political forces that seek to control Women and perpetuate sexism are based in religious ideologies which have been considered normal in our everyday lives. Therefore, there is a pressing need to extensively address Christianity and how it impacts Black Women, especially in the application of biblical doctrine.

Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo advised his members against joining the feminist movement because “it leads to frustration and devastation.” His wife, Faith Oyedepo defended her husband’s view on feminism as she believes “feminism is inspired by demons”.

Christianity and feminism are at parallels because; where feminism sees a problem, Christianity does not see one.

Mothers push this belief of subservience down their little girl’s throats. At the end of the day, patriarchy is not only advanced by men, but also by indoctrinated religious Women.

Read the full article written by Deborah Dzifa Makafui here.

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