Discovering Ecology, Economy and Self in the Climate Crisis | Our Earth Shastra Experience Captured

The Social Saga

Aug 3 2023 • 37 mins

In this very special episode of The Social Saga, we have my co-travelers- Aditi, Ashay, Ashok, and Mansi with us to share our incredible experience at Earth Shastra, a program designed by Youth Alliance. Earth-Shastra takes young changemakers from across India on a 9-day immersive journey to inhabit the world of the future, to take a pause and understand what’s happening to our planet from a holistic perspective.

During those nine days in early June 2023, I, along with my 40 co-travellers learned in abundance about the climate emergency, consumerism, community building, value of meaningful relationships in life, role of trust, economics, self and so much more! From realizations to moments that made us feel more connected to our purpose, we're excited to share it all.

All of this and more, we have tried to capture through our conversation in this episode. I am sure you find this one insightful as not only we have talked about our experience but also brought to the surface our wholesome learnings that you can take back home. Let us know your thoughts in the comments; we can't wait to hear what resonates with you!

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(00:00): Episode begins

(3:42): What is Earth Shastra

(7:40): Day 1-3

(12:25):  Individualism vs Groupism

(13:16): Forest Immersion

(23:44): Commitments after the program

(32:22): Uplifting others and Sharing your gifts

(35:55): Our Experience in a Nutshell

(37:13): Concluding

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