Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby

Kelly Ryan Bailey

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Let’s Talk About Pivoting Your Career And Following Your Curiosity
Let’s Talk About Pivoting Your Career And Following Your Curiosity
In this special episode, host Kelly Ryan Bailey is joined by Lynz Floren, GM, and Executive Producer at Growth Network Podcasts to discuss his career transition during the Great Resignation. Lynz went from his marketing job for the LA County Bar Association to starting a podcast company! Learn what skills he used to make this transition, and why he feels we shouldn’t follow our passions, but our curiosities.  Big Takeaways: Sometimes people know they are unhappy, but they don’t know what sets them on fire. That’s when they should pursue something they love, whether work-related or not, just to increase their skills. There are just so many ways we can use our hobbies or interests. What we'll see is that a thing that expressed itself in our teenage years resurfaced in our twenties, in our thirties, and our forties, until it was treated with the dignity it deserved and given a spot in our lives. “I would say the number one thing that helped me actually push through from wanting this career to actually doing it was investing in myself. I've been going to therapy almost every week for seven years....that had to help. I've been attending workshops, really intending to learn and network. It sometimes feels like a sideways trip, but I came here with more tools than I would have, had I come directly.” - Lynz Floren Learn more about Growth Network Podcasts and check out the other awesome podcasts they produce!