Jacqueline Fernandez

Miss Conduct: A True Crime Podcast

Mar 15 2023 • 52 mins

Jacqueline Fernandez is best known as a Bollywood actress and model of Sri Lankan descent, who very recently has been accused of receiving funds from a conman and allegedly being involved in money laundering.

Jacqueline has been accused by the Enforcement Directorate of India of both financial impropriety and destruction of evidence. But did she also commit the unforgivable crime of falling in love? As a FirstPost article from July 2022 says about Jacqueline and alleged lover Sukesh Chandrashekar -- "Love knows no bar".

Between December 2021 to today, Jacqueline has been called in a bunch of times for questioning by the Enforcement Directorate over her involvement in potential money laundering by Sukesh.

She was questioned over whether she was given gifts or other items by the conman in question, likely totally about tens of crores of Indian rupees.

She has been prevented from travelling out of India, which has impeded her professional and personal life, leading to a PR nightmare and her being removed from high-budget movie projects.

She was charged officially for working with Sukesh to convert his black money holdings into legitimate assets.

Oh and of course, since she is a woman, her character has been called into question through sheer gossip and rumours, most of which remain unconnected to the story at hand.

Jacqueline was already a very famous face. But this case took her to a whole other level of infamy.

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