La Llorona

Miss Conduct: A True Crime Podcast

Jul 27 2022 • 45 mins

La Llorona is the subject of Mexican folklore, of a vengeful spirit of a woman, who roams around water bodies, lamenting and mourning the loss of her children. Children that she likely… drowned herself.

Legend has it that she still haunts multiple regions in central America today, either lamenting the loss of her children or kidnapping other children in order to replace those she lost. La Llorona is also called the ‘Weeping Woman’ or the ‘Wailer’.

She is known to wander around large water bodies, in a white dress that had decayed and frayed since her origin, in a body that is still decomposing.

There are many, many versions of her origins. Spread across Mexican, Venezuelan, Southwestern United States, and even from Aztec lore. The treatment of La Llorona is just a bit different in each culture, and that depends on how they viewed her – as a woman, mother, spirit, and killer.

Another interpretation of La Llorona portrays her as the native land of the people of central and south Americas, with the crude Spanish invaders being the “man” who violates her. The invaders then leave her and her children to their own devices, after stripping her of her resources and wealth.

La Llorona does have a cult status today, especially in Western pop culture. She is featured in many pieces of literature, theatre, and music. Including at least 13 movies and 6 TV shows that we know of.

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