Hello Hello Hello Season 4

Miss Conduct: A True Crime Podcast

Mar 8 2023 • 2 mins

We're proud to announce the launch of season 4 of the award-winning true crime podcast, 'Miss Conduct'. Hosted by Ragavi, a passionate lawyer, and Nisha, a seasoned communications specialist. 'Miss Conduct' is dedicated to uncovering the stories of the most notorious female criminals of all time. Miss Conductors and MissCondoos alike can expect in-depth discussions, crazy banter and better musical recaps about women who made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Season 4 comes with a twist - the Miss Conduct Surprise Episodes where one of the hosts does the research and the other provides raw unfiltered reactions!

Tune in on the IVM podcast network starting 15 March 2023.

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Ragavi: https://www.instagram.com/ragi.dosai/

Nisha: https://www.instagram.com/just.nishful.thinking/

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