Collateral Damage - Vicky White Helps Casey White Escape from Jail Part 1

The Murder Project

Jun 2 2022 • 48 mins

This week we are going to get into the part 1 of the story of Vicky White and Casey White. The two are not related but Vickey White, the assistant director of Corrections for Lauderdale County, Alabama, falls for a multi felon facing murder charges. Vicky uses her authority at the jail to break policy and walk Casey White right out the door. After learning what took place, the hunt for the two fugitives is underway. Make sure and check back with us next week as Justin and Mike sit down for the part 2 debrief episode. I have a lot more I want to say ab out this case being a former correction officer/ deputy and I know Mike will as well.

Sources for this episode include:
Vicky White: A respected officer turned into a fugitive who allgedly helped an inmate escape. Here's what we know about her life before her sudden death - CNN

Vicky White death: She died of suicide, coroner's office says - CNN

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