Meet Coach Hamilton #001

The Coaches Sanctuary with Eddie J Hamilton

Sep 5 2022 • 47 mins

Hey coach! Yes! You!

Any of these describe you?

'I love coaching, but i am stressed and it is hard to stay motivated. Trying to focus on winning games,  keeping players engaged, getting parental and administrative support and conducting productive fundraisers is exhausting and feels impossible.'

If one or all of these describe you, then Coach Hamilton has the solutions for you.

After almost two decades in coaching, Coach Hamilton has met and conquered most of these challenges head on. Still far from perfect, but he is enjoying the role he plays as a coach more than ever!   After Coach Hamilton's dream of becoming a basketball coach had manifested, he still had a void that he did not understand. It was through is own personal trials that Eddie learned that coaching was about more than a game. It was about leading young people by example. Coach Hamilton learned to lead and focus his players on developing character traits such as: being responsible, accountable and having integrity.

After Coach Hamilton centered his focus on the values that were most important, like family and building meaningful relationships, his coaching career took a drastic turn for the better.

🗣️I help coaches build successful athletic programs by establishing standards for a winning culture!!

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