A Desire to Be Mentored

The Coaches Sanctuary with Eddie J Hamilton

Nov 18 2022 • 24 mins

A Desire to Be Mentored

There is no blueprint for what you deal with on a daily basis, but you have to figure it out along the way. Seek relevant and wise counsel that compares to your situation!

On today’s show, Eddie J Hamilton delves into embracing a desire to be mentored. Why should you have somebody to communicate to, seek wise counsel from & hold you accountable? Eddie expounds on what makes a good mentor, consultancy versus mentorship, seeking relevant information to help you grow, snippets of his mentorship journey & desire to learn in all realms besides coaching.

Desire to be taught. Desire to be counseled. Go out and seek somebody who can help you get better at your work!

Tune in for more insights!

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