Politics & the Future of Tech with Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz

a16z Podcast

Apr 5 2024 • 1 hr 43 mins

“If America is going to be America in the next one hundred years, we have to get this right.” - Ben Horowitz

This week on “The Ben & Marc Show”, a16z co-founders Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen take on one of the most hot button issues facing technology today: tech regulation and policy.

In this one-on-one conversation, Ben and Marc delve into why the political interests of “Big Tech” conflict with a positive technological future, the necessity of decentralized AI, and how the future of American innovation is at its most critical point. They also answer YOUR questions from X (formerly Twitter). That and much more. Enjoy!


Watch full episode: https://youtu.be/dX7d6bRJI9k

Marc on X: https://twitter.com/pmarca

Marc’s Substack: https://pmarca.substack.com

Ben on X: https://twitter.com/bhorowitz

Ben’s Article: “Politics and the Future” bit.ly/3PGKrgw

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