#8 It's A Little Political

Candid Shar'n

Oct 9 2020 • 33 mins

a bit of my ramblings on why NOT the usa -democratic or republican, being a "trump-et" is a whole new ball game

i'm back from my one week break!! and i'm back feeling like talking a bit about american politics (just a bit). tbh, this episode was just me explaining why the us just ain't the one for me. there are more reasons, but this was just the most recent one on my mind.

if you are a us citizen and are not yet registered to vote, please do so and excise your right. if you are an alien like me, well then, vote where you can when the time comes, otherwise just sit back (and share your thoughts with me if you are comfortable) and watch while others vote lol.

i think i mentioned the uni people? here's the link anyway

The Uni People

here's one of my favourite podcasts:

Sadza In the Morning

and that great music i mentioned?

Shades of Yale

happy listening!




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