#12 Family Matters: Shona Culture + Diaspora Life with Tavonga

Candid Shar'n

Nov 20 2020 • 1 hr 40 mins

in this week's episode i am joined by my lovely cousin, sekuru, and friend, Tavonga (click here to watch video episode on YouTube). Tavonga and i are really great friends and in this episode we discuss everything from moving from Zimbabwe to the diaspora, police brutality on this side of the world, Shona culture including the topic of roora, aka brideprice, and we also share some stories from when we were growing up.   at some point in the episode i mentioned the song 'Madam Mombeshora' so here it is, and here's a bit of something on the Shona practice of roora for those of you interested in knowing more (this one is for you, dear future husband, in addition to the rest of the readings). Here's a lighter read on it. i once wrote a term paper on roora so let me know if you'd like to read that and i'll happily send it over. happy listening!   .   .   .   xx QueenJoy    Tavonga's LinkedIn: @tavongaroymagwenzi   Tavonga's Instagram: @tavongaroy    Twitter: @CandidSharn  Facebook: @candidsharn  Instagram: @candidsharn  YouTube: Candid Shar'n with QueenJoy  Website: candidsharn.com  Music from Pixabay