Gopal Krishna Koduri CEO & Co-founder of Riyaz, On building a music learning app that enables you to learn to sing at home

The Indian Startup Show

Mar 6 2022 • 32 mins

Your 24x7 singing buddy! Today my guest is Gopal Krishna Koduri  CEO & co-founder of Riyaz.   A  music learning app that  offers an easy and convenient way for aspiring singers to practise their music lessons anywhere, anytime make music learning accessible and affordable.

He talks about his love of classical indian music which  inspired him to build this app.  How the app works. He talks about building a venture-funded, steadily growing music learning app that is used around the world (2million downloads, 4k paid users) Talks about UI & UX design challenges, talks about how they deal with feature requests.

Talks about pricing and subscription models. Talks technology stacks , how they use data to improve the product. How they get users to download the app.   Dealing with positive and negative feedback.

Talks about the EdTech scene in india. Building an MVP in 2017. Thoughts on building an edtech and finally he talks about his fav singers, pays tribute to Lata Mangeshkar, one of India's most beloved singers, who passed recently and he gives you some singing tips for the next time your in the shower! & much more!

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • organic growth
  • What problem they are solving?
  • 4,000 paid users
  • 18-35 category not being served.
  • Killing features
  • Keeping track of OKRs
  • Being a hands on founder
  • how long does it take to be a great singer?

And much more



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