Your Chaddi Buddy! Sulay Lavsi , founder of Bummer - On a mission to disrupt the millennial-focused underwear market in India.

The Indian Startup Show

Jan 23 2022 • 47 mins

Adding fun to a ‘White’ industry. Today I speak to Sulay Lavsi, the founder of Bummer, whose mission is to disrupt the millennial-focused underwear market.

In this episode he talks about his amazing journey from not being taken seriously in the early days to his dramatic appearance on  Shark Tank India. He shares brand building strategies and talks about marketing to GenZ &  millennials. He talks about pricing philosophies  -are you playing the brand game or the price game? & spotting a gap in the market . He talks about The mild negative reaction to Shark Tank india on social media

He talks about the business model and building partnerships. Why they use micro-influencers rather then the big social media influencers. Why he used paid marketing at the start to establish the brand. Talks about Falling in love with the business and brand. Hiring challenges in Tier 2 cities.  He talks about spending 2 years on R&D and finally he talks about his life changing trip to America. and much more so please enjoy the show.

In this conversation we also talk about

  • Why underwear?
  • Assumptions made in the early days
  • Design challenges
  • Going on Shark Tank & pitching in front of millions watching.
  • Studying entrepreneurship  in California.
  • His primary role as a founder.
  • Pitching advice
  • Whats special about bummer underwear?
  • The manufacturing process

and much more!



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music by Punch Deck.

Hosted And Produced by Neil Patel

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Music by Punch Deck.