Kyle Fernandes CEO & Co-founder of MemeChat on building the ultimate social network to revolutionise the world of memes!

The Indian Startup Show

Feb 25 2022 • 28 mins

Make Memes Earn Money!  Today my guest is Kyle Fernandes CEO & Co-founder of MemeChat. Founded in 2019, it is a platform that allows users to create viral memes and get rewarded for them. So in this episode he talks about how he came up with the idea. Talks about being a hyper growth startup (25 million memes , 6 million downloads, 1.3 monthly active users). Talks about how he designed & developed the app from scratch. Talks about getting funding from 500 Startups. Next he talks about a new NFT marketplace he is creating called  - MemeClub, so anyone can buy and sell memes globally. He talks about  scaling, the business model, Meme marketing,  viral content, being confident and key metrics -( Daily active users) He talks about giving users a solid reason why they should download the app. Creating an acquisition and distribution channel. And finally he talks about his favourite memes and how to get your meme to go viral   and much much MORE!

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Fundraising advice - be patient!
  • Reaching millions of people on a daily basis
  • Thoughts on Shark Tank
  • Being a entrepreneur at the age of 15
  • Getting 50x rejections from VC and then turning down 50 x VC's!
  • Getting approached by major brands to do meme marketing
  • Setting up 600+ pages on Facebook
  • No other company was doing this!
  • Bringing technology and memes together.
  • Creating value for creators
  • Why memes
  • Creating a memechat keyboard

and much more



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music by Punch Deck.

Hosted And Produced by Neil Patel

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Music by Punch Deck.