Dead Man's Switch App (Tom Walma)

Creativity Wasted

03-06-2022 • 17 mins

Idea: An app that you launch before doing a mildly dangerous activity, and if sensors in your electronic devices (phone, Apple Watch, FitBit, AirTags, etc.) indicate that an emergency has occurred (examples: losing Bluetooth contact with an AirTag hidden in the clothes of a kid that you're babysitting might mean that he wandered out of the yard; a sudden downward acceleration detected on an Apple Watch while you're climbing on a ladder might mean that you fell off), or if you fail to confirm that a dangerous activity has safely completed within a certain period of time (example: while walking to your car at night, if you don't press an "I'm safe" button on your phone within 5 minutes, you might have gotten mugged), an emergency protocol (such as contacting the police or a kid's parents) is automatically performed. The app does NOT use AI and therefore you have to tell the app what activity you're doing so that it knows, for example, if a sudden acceleration of an Apple Watch is an emergency. The app would be pre-programmed with a list of common dangerous activities, and, for each one, ways to use sensors in electronic devices (emphasizing the electronic devices that you own) to detect emergencies. Also, you could customize the app by adding new dangerous activities and new ways to detect emergencies. Also: the police might get sick of false alarms from the app; a possible AI extension of the app which monitors what you're doing and interjects before the emergency occurs (by alerting you or shocking you with a shock collar); describing a person as "cookable and lovable"

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