Junk Drawers of the Rich and Famous (Connie Ettinger)

Creativity Wasted

17-04-2022 • 20 mins

Idea: A TV show where celebrities and rich people show their junk drawers, so you can see things about them that you don't normally see, such as whether they're messy, whether they own interesting rich people stuff or a larger quantity of normal people stuff, whether they pay people to keep their stuff organized, etc. Also: the TV show could also show stuff that celebs keep in other places (attics, pantries, purses, pill drawers, etc.) and other things from celebrities private lives (hobbies and collectibles, diaries and childhood artifacts, unflattering body parts, grown-up children, etc.); the risk of getting robbed after showing your stuff on TV

Evan Sasiela (twitter.com/SalsaEvan instagram.com/salsaevan) Connie Ettinger (facebook.com/connie.ettinger) Tom Walma (https://creativitywasted.com twitter.com/thomaswalma)

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