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Hosted by Tini Ismail, Fikadrottning unfolds this Singaporean's obsession with fika and Sweden. The show follows topics on coffee, popular Swedish pastry and their origins, traditions and celebrations, and her life experiences living in Stockholm.

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Fikadrottning Special: Gott Nytt År
Dec 29 2020
Fikadrottning Special: Gott Nytt År
God fortsättning! Gott Nytt År !! Gott Slut!! These are the many ways of bidding farewell or wish anyone a Happy New Year..So 2020 is finally coming to an end. In this special edition, I will be sharing fond memories of my first New Year's Eve celebration in Stockholm. Ting Wei will share his memories of firecrackers or fireworks. In Singapore, it is illegal to have any form of firecrackers or fireworks in your possession. If you would like to dive further into Swedish, here are some of my recommendations:1. Say It in Swedish podcast This podcast is great for all levels (Absolute beginner to Advanced level).  It has even "Pronunciation" episodes where you will learn how to pronounce the letters and combination letters properly so that you will sound like a Swede! Check out their webpage at to find out more.2. Simple Swedish PodcastThis podcast is more for anyone who has passed the beginner's stage and are still working on grasping the language. Fredrik Arhusiander speaks at slower pace and uses simple every day vocabulary in his podcast episodes. So, don't worry about that!3. Radio Sweden på Lätt SvenskaThis is more of daily news in simple Swedish. Good for training your listening comprehension.4. Swedishpod101.comYou can bring your lessons anywhere with this mobile app. All you need is Wifi or 3G/4G connection. You can choose a free account or paid account with them. DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored or paid by any of these to advertise for them. I am merely sharing with you what I am using because these are very good resources to start learning Swedish. Thank you everyone for your support since the very beginning. With that, I wish you Gott Nytt År and vi hörs om två veckor!Puss och Kram från mig, Tini, YOUR Fikadrottning!