Law is Glacial. How will it keep up with AI?

AI Rising Podcast

Oct 12 2023 • 50 mins

‘Law is glacial. Nothing happens in a tearing hurry.’, says N.S. Nappinai - Advocate, Supreme Court and Founder, Cyber Saathi, So how does it keep up with the compound effects of AI and emerging technologies today? What could become of the class-action suit filed against OpenAI by Authors Guild & authors like John Grisham for plagiarism? How will the definitions of copyright, licensing, etc., change? Can private companies like Meta act as a sovereign, deciding to almost extort the governments and the regulators by withholding services? India’s Data Protection Act doesn’t use the word - profiling - unlike the EU’s GDPR. How does that help protect Indians from individual privacy and rights? How does the exclusion of voluntarily shared data from the Data Protection Act become its weakest link? How will the Digital India Act become dynamic enough to not just protect us against deep fakes but also against other newer technologies in the future? How can the legal framework be structured to empower the beneficial use of AI? How can AI regulations affect speculative investments and volatility of Cryptocurrency, blockchain and CBDC? And finally, amongst so much polarization, can AI be used to fight cybercrimes? N.S. Nappinai discusses it all along with hosts, Leslie D’monte and Jayanth N Kolla.