Blockchains, Bringing Transparency and Democratizing Access to Global Finance

The Brave Technologist

Feb 7 2024 • 36 mins

Austin Campbell, Managing Partner at Zero Knowledge Consulting,  discusses the outdated infrastructure of finance and how blockchain is positioned to solve many of the current challenges. He also tackles the complex issues regulators face, and cultural hesitancy towards harnessing the full potential of innovations like blockchain.

Key takeaways:

  • The power of self custody, and how emerging technologies can help avoid events like the 2008 financial crisis

  • The anticipated collaborations between AI and crypto, and why blockchain is poised to combat AI-generated spam

  • Emerging crypto regulations, especially within Asia

  • Crypto anonymity myths and what needs to be changed

Guest Bio: Austin Campbell is the founder of Zero Knowledge Consulting and a professor at Columbia Business School. Previously, he ran the stablecoin platform and portfolio management at Paxos, and acted as their chief risk officer. He has also managed fixed income trading desks at JP Morgan and Citi, covering over $100B in cash derivatives.


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