Measuring The Speed of AI Through Benchmarks

The Brave Technologist

Apr 10 2024 • 31 mins

David Kanter, Executive Director at MLCommons, discusses the work they’re doing with MLPerf Benchmarks, creating the world’s first industry standard approach to measuring AI speed and safety. He also shares ways they’re testing AI and LLMs for harm, to measure—and, over time, reduce—the potential harms of AI.

Key Takeaways:

  • How they’re using research to help build public confidence in AI and emerging technologies

  • The types of questions enterprise customers should ask their system providers

  • AI safety, and the ways MLCommons is using benchmarks to offer standardized measurements about the potential harm of using AI

  • Unique applications of AI, human creativity as the only limit on where AI can go, and how we can make analog experiences more intelligent in the future

Guest Bio:

David Kanter is a founder, board member, and the Executive Director of MLCommons where he helps lead the MLPerf benchmarks and other initiatives. He has 16+ years of experience in semiconductors, computing, and machine learning. David founded a microprocessor and compiler startup, was an early employee at Aster Data Systems, and has consulted for industry leaders such as Intel, Nvidia, KLA, Applied Materials, Qualcomm, Microsoft, and many others. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Mathematics and a specialization in Computer Science, and a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Economics, both from the University of Chicago.


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