The Role of AI in Enabling Self-Driving Trucks

The Brave Technologist

Feb 21 2024 • 26 mins

Shubham Shrivastava, Head of Machine Learning at Kodiak Robotics, discusses how AI is solving the increasing challenges within the long haul trucking industry, specifically with safety and driver supply. He also provides practical examples of Kodiak’s safety strategy and redundancies they’ve put in place.

Key discussion topics:

  • How soon we can expect to see autonomous trucks on the road

  • The balance between AI innovation and regulation, and how Kodiak is navigating regulation at both the state and national levels across the US

  • Practical examples of how multimodal networks are already transforming various industries including education, healthcare, and robotics

  • Collaboration gaps between academia and industry (and missed opportunities for advancement)

Guest bio: Shubham Shrivastava is a leading figure in machine learning and computer vision. At Kodiak, he's the mastermind behind all machine learning endeavors, steering the development of the safest autonomous driving technologies. His leadership and innovations at Ford Autonomy, particularly in 3D perception for vehicles, have set new industry standards. Shubham's numerous patents and publications echo his pivotal role in advancing autonomous vehicle technology, and underline his commitment to transforming the future of transportation.


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