Harmonizing User Privacy with Web Functionality and Ad-Blocking Technology

The Brave Technologist

Mar 27 2024 • 39 mins

Ryan Brown (Filterset Engineer at Brave) and Peter Snyder (Senior Privacy Researcher at Brave) discuss the latest advancements in ad-blocking technology, and how Brave's control over its browser stack plays a crucial role in maintaining a private yet fully operational Web experience. They also reflect on the resilience of the ad-blocking community, especially in response to the looming changes of Manifest V3, and its potential to reshape the extension landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • How privacy tools have evolved over time as users have gotten more familiar with these tools, and more sophisticated in their usage.

  • The arms race between Big Tech and ad blockers, and the community-driven ad filtering that powers many of today's best privacy tools.

  • What the chromium Manifest V3 update is and how it will impact ad blocking.

  • What distinguishes Brave's privacy features from other competing browsers, and how Brave’s product principles influence product development.

Guest Bios: Ryan Brown is a Filterset Engineer at Brave and a List Author Maintainer for the Easylist project and Webcompat Fixer. Peter Snyder is a Senior Privacy Researcher and Filterset Engineer at Brave Software, who received a PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago, focusing on Web privacy, security, and measurement.


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Music by: Ari Dvorin

Produced by: Sam Laliberte