Christopher May (Finoa) on Building Finoa and Bear Market Advice for Founders

Bridging the Gap

Apr 11 2023 • 53 mins

Christopher May, Co-Founder of Finoa comes on Bridging the Gap. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Getting into Web3 and how Finoa was built
  • Raising in a bear market
  • Advice for assessing investor conviction
  • Figuring out valuation without metrics
  • Raising Finoa's Series A
  • Buying out investors on their cap table
  • How the bear market impacted Finoa
  • Institutional sentiment on markets
  • How Finoa acquired their first users
  • Strategies for assessing new chain integrations

Bridging the Gap is hosted by VTVL, a Web3 token management and vesting platform.

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