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Why does your blood sugar have to spike to 300 after sitting at 50 for what felt like an eternity? And why are people still asking if you ate too much sugar when you were diagnosed? Is it really possible to thrive with such a physically and mentally draining disease? Kate, a 27 year old with Type 1 Diabetes since 10 years old, discusses her highs and lows living with a chronic illness. Along with this, she sits down with a variety of guests that give insight on topics such as mental health, traveling, exercise, diet, and life's big moments with diabetes.

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#37 Oral Health and Diabetes with Dr. Katie Lee
Jan 3 2024
#37 Oral Health and Diabetes with Dr. Katie Lee
This week I am joined by Dr. Katie Lee to talk all things oral health related to diabetes. Katie is dentist and author of "Saved by the Mouth". She has worked with hundreds of individuals to improve their overall health through a whole-body approach to oral health. We discuss the mouth-body connection and how diabetes can impact oral health. Katie gives us a wide range of ways to prevent tooth decay and better take care of our teeth. See the below tips. Vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d3 with K2, magnesium, and fish oil are great supplements to consider. Take a saliva test to find out what bacteria are present in your mouth. Get cleanings every 3 months. Use an electric toothbrush. Floss morning and night. Tongue scrape. Chew xylitol gum. Avoid mouthwash with alcohol in it. Toothpastes that Katie recommends are Toms, Boca, and toothpastes with high level of arginine (for sensitivity). This episode is for entertainment purposes only and is not medical advice. We are speaking from our personal experiences which may be completely different from your own. Consult your doctor before making any changes.Find Dr. Katie Lee on Instagram @katieleedds or her website You can find her book "Saved by the Mouth" on amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Find me on Instagram and Tiktok @thrivabetic. Find the blog here and The Thrivabetic book here.If you enjoyed this episode please share it with a friend and leave me a rating/review on Apple Podcasts and/or follow me on Spotify.