How to Read the Bible with David Price

Out of the Darkness with Ruth Hovsepian

Jan 29 2024 • 36 mins

Join me as I welcome the insightful David Price, a minister, and certified professional life coach, to discuss the essential question: Is there a right way to read the Bible? Our conversation covers the cultural hesitations surrounding the idea of a 'correct' method to engage with scripture, stressing the necessity of foundational rules to truly grasp its teachings. We confront the laissez-faire attitude that any reading approach is valid and consider the Bible's explicit nature, advocating for an understanding of the consistent message God imparts to all rather than cherry-picking truths that conveniently fit personal narratives.

Listen in as we explore the crucial role of context in interpreting the Bible and the dangers of reading verses in isolation. This episode sheds light on the common missteps readers may encounter and offers practical advice on approaching biblical study with the reverence it deserves. We delve into the importance of recognizing the Bible as the infallible Word of God and the principles of consistency, competency, and comprehensiveness in study habits. By committing to these principles, we can develop a deeper appreciation for scripture and a more robust understanding of its messages.

Lastly, we discuss the dynamic nature of faith and the responsibility of believers to discern truth and verify teachings against the Word of God. David and I touch on the challenges church leaders face when confronted with questions, highlighting the importance of patience and love in the journey toward truth. The episode wraps up with a call to embrace personal growth through openness to new perspectives and an acknowledgment of the evolution of our understanding.

I invite you to check out David's ministry.

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