Breaking the Chains of Abuse with Charlene Quint

Out of the Darkness with Ruth Hovsepian

Feb 5 2024 • 38 mins

Listen in as Charlene Quint, a family law attorney with a heart for aiding women through the turmoil of domestic abuse, shares not only her professional insights but also her personal experiences. Our conversation traverses the often misunderstood landscape of abuse, shining a light on the less visible forms such as emotional, verbal, and financial abuse, which can be prevalent even in communities of faith. Charlene opens up about the facade of perfection that can shroud abusive relationships, especially within Christian families, and underscores the urgent need for awareness and recognition of these destructive behaviors.

This episode takes a sobering look at the statistics that reflect the widespread issue of gender-based violence and the patterns of abuse that can span generations. We grapple with the complexities of breaking this cycle and the challenging choices that must be made to halt its perpetuation. Charlene thoughtfully discusses how faith and family values can sometimes be twisted to justify abuse, and she shares powerful testimonies of resilience and transformation. Our discussion serves as a reminder that abuse is not exclusive to any one gender or community and that the empowerment of victims is essential for change.

In our support-focused segment, we discuss the vital role churches can play in providing refuge and guidance for those facing domestic abuse. Charlene and I talk about the practical steps congregations can take to become sanctuaries of healing, from implementing emergency plans to educating leaders on the nuances of spiritual abuse. As we wrap up, I extend a heartfelt thanks to Charlene for her invaluable contributions and remind listeners to seek out her book, "Overcoming the Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, and Other Domestic Abusers," for further enlightenment on this critical subject. Share this episode to help spread the message of hope and healing to those who need it most.

Charlene Quint is a family law attorney in the Chicago area who focuses her practice on helping women overcome domestic abuse. She wrote the multiple award-winning, ground-breaking book Overcoming the Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, and Other Domestic Abusers to help victims of domestic abuse become the fearless victors they were designed to be. She is the founder of AbuseCare (, a nondenominational faith-based organization designed to provide hope and healing to women on their journey from victim to victorious and to educate and equip businesses and faith communities in caring for victims of domestic abuse. She is a Certified Domestic Violence Professional, an advocate for victims of abuse, a facilitator of multiple support groups, and a domestic abuse survivor.  As an advocate for victims of domestic violence, she has been a speaker in front of thousands of people at TEDx events, conferences, and university settings and has been interviewed on numerous TV shows, radio shows,

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