Overcoming Life's Toughest Battles: Jodi Howe Shares Secrets to Finding Faith & Peace in Addiction & Mental Health Struggles

Out of the Darkness with Ruth Hovsepian

Apr 8 2024 • 40 mins

Join us in this powerful episode as Ruth Hovsepian sits down with Jodi Howe, author, speaker, and host of "The Air That I Breathe" podcast, to delve into the profound role of faith in navigating life's greatest challenges. From the depths of addiction and betrayal to the struggles with illness and mental health, Jodi shares her transformative journey and the unexpected solace she found in her faith. Discover how spiritual practices, community support, and a blend of holistic approaches can guide you toward peace and resilience in the face of anxiety and depression. Whether you're seeking encouragement through life's struggles, understanding within the church, or hope and healing from anxiety, this episode offers a compassionate and honest exploration of the quiet, patient road to recovery, anchored in devotion and the promise of a peaceful harbor ahead.

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