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Apr 15 2024 • 40 mins

Join me and my guest, Shawn Paul, a former real estate professional turned full-time missionary, as we discuss the profound transformation of relocating one's life for the faith. Shawn opens up about his transition from the American dream to the challenges of missionary life in Central America, sharing the pivotal moments that led him from Iowa to Honduras and Guatemala. Listen in as he reflects on the unmistakable call of God, the courage required to follow it, and the importance of distinguishing divine guidance from personal ambition or societal expectations.

In our conversation, Shawn and I explore the nuances of building a personal relationship with God, especially when one's earthly relationships, such as with a father, may be fraught with difficulties. Discover the significance of quiet prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit's whispers over constant noise, and the need for solitary communion with God amidst life's clamor. I open up about my struggles with feeling inadequate in prayer and how realizing that God understands our hearts, even beyond words, has deepened my faith. We also discuss the necessity of balancing church involvement with personal time with God, akin to private moments in a marriage, to sustain a healthy spiritual connection.

Wrapping up this enriching dialogue, Shawn shares his wisdom on the transformative power of scripture in personal and spiritual growth. We examine how God works within us to fulfill His will, drawing from Philippians 2:13, and delve into the practical steps of integrating this understanding into everyday life. Learn about the importance of prayer, Bible study, and responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, as well as the value of creating a distraction-free space and journaling for spiritual reflection. Shawn's insights serve as a guide for anyone looking to foster a more focused and fulfilling walk with the Lord. Tune in for an enlightening discussion that promises to inspire and encourage your own spiritual path.

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