Why & How Do We Read the Bible? with Shara Neubert

Out of the Darkness with Ruth Hovsepian

Jan 22 2024 • 41 mins

Join me, Ruth Hovsepian, for a compelling conversation with Shara Neubert, a teaching pastor and discipleship director with an incredible background in women's ministry and leadership. Listen in as Shara shares her insightful strategies for overcoming the hurdles of engaging with the Bible, particularly when it's perceived as challenging or uninteresting. We tackle the importance of understanding one's purpose for reading scripture and how a sense of curiosity can be a powerful tool in creating a meaningful study practice. Shara also highlights the profound impact of leaving a spiritual legacy, a topic that resonates deeply as we discuss its influence not only within our families but across our broader communities.

In this session, I underscore the necessity of reading the Bible in its entirety, akin to how one would savor a novel, to truly grasp the narrative woven throughout its passages. As we explore texts like the Sermon on the Mount and the books of Genesis and Revelation, we discuss the value of patience and allowing for initial confusion, which later readings can clarify, connecting the Old and New Testaments in unexpected ways. I also stress the importance of being receptive to the Holy Spirit and the insights of fellow believers while trusting our own ability to learn from the scriptures. This chapter of our discussion is a reminder to approach the Bible with enthusiasm and commitment, fostering a habit of consistent engagement with the Word of God.

The final chapter of our exchange delves into the distinction between reading and studying the Bible, where I share my personal endeavor to read through different versions of the Bible within a month. We delve into the effective strategies for in-depth Bible study, including the importance of choosing the right materials and formats that resonate with one's learning style, the significance of creating a study schedule, and the lasting influence that visible study habits can have on those around us. Shara's coaching and workshops offer a beacon of inspiration for listeners aiming to integrate these practices into their daily lives, with the goal of making 2024 a year marked by spiritual growth and connection. Tune in for an inspiring session that will reignite your passion for religious exploration and the joy of sharing that journey with others.

Check out Shara's website, https://www.sharaneubert.com/, to find a Bible Engagement Assessment to take in order to see where you fall in your own satisfaction.  It helps you to understand where you are at in 8 elements of Bible engagement:  Reading, Bible Navigation, Prayer, Church Participation, Understanding, Use of Study Help, Joy in Reading, and Bible Study.  Whew!  There are lots of areas, but all are very useful in having a balanced Bible life.

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