#TalkurishTuesday - Down 3-1 to a playing team


May 10 2023 • 1 hr 20 mins

#TalkurishTuesday - Down 3-1 to a PLAYIN TEAM Trash ass Player Certified Players Can the Warriors or Knicks make the next round? NFL schedule comes out Thursday what game do u want on the schedule? Rons Questions 1. do u think it was right to fired the milwaukee buck head coach mike budenholze ? 2. do you like it when your faviote football players change there numbers ?3. name a nba team that should sign kyrie this offseason ? 4. do you think philadelphia eagles will be top 5 defense ? 5. what % you give the lakers or the warriors to win this series? 6. do every nba team need someone to do the ddirtywork to secede ?7. name a nba team that should sign dillion brooks this offseason ? 8. do you think any college coach can come to the nfl today and secede and who ?9. do you think cj stroud made ohio state buckeyes or ohio state buckeyes made cj stroud good ? --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dennis-holmes/support

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