#TalkurishTuesday - Yall Worried about the wrong things


Jan 24 2024 • 1 hr 38 mins

#TalkurishTuesday a Show based on #Sports where we give our thoughts on what happened each week from #NFL #NBA #CFB #CBB #UFL #MLB #NCAA #WNBA . Everyweek we name ur #TAP ( Trash ass Players) and #CP ( Certified Players) .. ITS A WEEK TO WEEK AWARD #TalkurishTuesday - Yall Worried About the Wrong things #TAP (Trash Ass Players) #CP (Certified Players) What Teams Window is Closed? What teams Window has opened? Ron the Questions 1. name 3 nba players that should be in the dunk contest ? 2. name 3 bad head coach your nfl football team had over the years ? 3. who would you want your nfl team to draft your first pick ? 4. do you think cj stroud broke the curse of ohio state qb ? 5. do you think pascal siakam is a superstar and what team trade for him need to build around him ? 6. who is the perfect head coach and oc in the nfl right now ? 7. do you think any of those qb that got draft this pass draft do you think they will succeed in a new system and who ? 8. how far you think the ravens will go this year ? --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dennis-holmes/support

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