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Ep 20: Atomic theory in ancient India
May 1 2021
Ep 20: Atomic theory in ancient India
What is your motivation to run a Google Developer Student Club at your College? I want to establish a community of developers where we can come together to solve real world problems. I want to bring a change with the aid of technology. Women empowerment is a buzz word today, our college being a girl’s college has led by an example, and empowered us. I want to grab this opportunity to run Google Developer student club to empower us further and help us explore the huge arena of technology to become proficient coder and successful software developers. I want to motivate people to become the best version of themselves both as a developer and a person. I want to bring awareness about different technical domains and technologies that will shape the future . Learning is much beautiful when shared with others this is how I want to lead the club, I will bridge the gap to bring the experience to nurture everyone in our community. What is your experience in leading a project or a team? A leader is someone who will bring out the best in you; will enhance your personal skill set and exactly in this way I want to use this opportunity of a DSC lead Given below are my leadership experiences: - Co-founder of JIGSAWMINDZ During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, I along with my friends stared an online community - JIGSAWMINDZ in September 2020. Jigsawmindz community intends to provide a platform for talented and motivated youth in overall development, we take sessions on personality development, interview skills, and tech-based events for free which help students to build their open-source profiles. Our community aim is to provide experience to the newbies from experienced corporate personnel and other experts. We have reached to more than 10,000 plus students within a span of 7 months. We also have reached a milestone of 5000 subscribes on our YouTube channel. Manager of Outgoing Global Entrepreneur at AIESEC (Sep 2019 to May 2020) I was Manager at AIESEC, Pune. AIESEC is an international youth-run, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences. My work involved contacting companies, organizations, alumni and other contacts to try to raise interest and leads in possible traineeships with AIESEC. I developed understanding of project management, communication skills, leadership and also able to increase my network. Volunteering and Trainings Supported my mother in organizing online faculty Short Term training program using OBS, You Tube and Webex for Saraswathi Engineering College, New Mumbai in June 2020 I also worked as volunteer & organized fun and innovative games in Innovation – 2020 Tech Fest held at Pune “Decrypt in the dark” Successfully completed TCS-ION on soft-skills (Internee-ship), Robotics (Organized by IIT Delhi) Host of Podcast Channel, “Think about it” I am an avid reader and have deep interest in history. I host a podcast channel named “Think about it” The channel is to make people aware of the less known historical facts. I have so far podcasted 18 stories on my channel which are well appreciated. What technology do you find most interesting and why? What is your experience with this technology? I have acquired technical knowledge in web development and android development. In android development I have worked on audio controls, getting the current location using GPS and currency convertor. I am also working on a travel planner project. What excites me about android development is that ,every year, Android brings up innovative ideas and trends that symbolize the future. The devices and technologies used by users help them to solve the problems they face. Courtesy of numerous apps like alarms, reminders, to-do-lists and all types of notification apps that could be programmed to our individual needs and requirements thus making life more comfortable, easier and more productive. Thus, android has