Inauguration Day

Soul Sayers

Jan 20 2021 • 9 mins

Hey Loves,

No full show today. We need to focus our energies on the shift in power that will take place in the Capitol today. Thankful that the darkness is moving, but it has left a stain.

We have a new President, but we still have the same country. We can no longer deny what our country has at its core. And for all of our progress, there is a significant number of people willing to destroy it all to hold on to power or the perception of it.

So for those reasons as well, let's lift up our intentions, energies, prayers, and voices for calm, peace, love to conquer all the hate, truth to overcome all the lies, Pray for a washing, a cleansing of the stink that will remain in the people's house as Trump finally gets the hell out of there.

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