Ep. 17: Kyle Masur - NSW EOD team workup; First RCIED in Afghanistan; Helping injured teammate; Exhaustion of wartime routine; Swimming with whaleshark in Djibouti, Dealing with TBI; TransitionProcess

Echo Oscar Delta

Jun 10 2023 • 1 hr 29 mins

In Episode 17, EODC (ret) Kyle Masur talks about how he found out about EOD on Guam as a fleet sailor, went through the pipeline, and ultimately joined the ranks of Navy EOD. Once at EOD Mobile Unit 12 he was put on an NSW EOD team and did a grueling workup.

Once deployed to Afghanistan he encountered many IEDs, multiple firefights, exhaustion from a heavy workload, and had to take care of injured EOD and SEAL teammates. An intense 11-month deployment was made tolerable by the bond that hard times create. Somehow a heavy amount of laughter was enjoyed during those hard times.

After returning from the deployment he soon found his way to another team and deployed to Somalia. Not as intense as Afghanistan, he was able to enjoy some extracurricular like swimming with a whale shark.

Finishing out his navy career at Det Kings Bay, he talks about the Medical Board process that leads to his medical retirement. Once retired from the military his injuries didn't just go away. The physical and mental injuries he sustained caused a toll on his life. Kyle didn't just give in and was able to find some treatments that helped him significantly. He talks about those unconventional treatments in hopes to share them with others.



NSOF - Navy Special Operations Foundation

"We exist to ensure our operators and their families are provided with all the tools necessary to overcome any challenges they may face and let them know they are never alone in the fight"

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