A Chat w/ Dr. Lauren Malone

Black Pod Class

Nov 6 2023 • 35 mins

Our guest speaker for our episode is Dr. Lauren Malone. She is from Texas, but spent most of her adult life in Iowa, where she got her bachelor’s in English from Central College. She then went to study in London and received a master’s in Professional Writing, then returned to Iowa for her PhD in rhetoric and Professional Communication. She studies digital rhetoric, justice-centered curriculum, literature, and Black American rhetoric. She is currently a second year assistant professor at the University of Tampa.

Dr. Malone discussed how people in London view America from her experience in London. It is mixed and not as negative or positive as many think. The student podcast about the history of radio announcements was one that stood out to Dr. Malone. Malone also discussed anonymity and the importance of visual anonymity especially. Dr. Malone went into the details of the difference between education in Iowa and in London. The main difference was that in London you have less assignments overall but they are usually big projects that you have to complete. She also discussed teaching classes in a more game style as compared to a strict lecture based style. She referred to it as “gamifying” the classroom. She mentioned how among other professors, some are a fan and some are not a fan of gamifying their classrooms. Dr. Malone stressed how through accessibility and understanding concepts, social justice can be facilitated through podcasts. The discussion concluded with Dr. Malone discussing how there isn’t an age preference in professors when it comes to deciding to gamify their classes.

Production Credits:

Matthew Rodriques

Alex Hong

Brenny Rodriguez

Lauren Malone

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