Episode 18: Who Is Your Heroine? Anchoring Archetypes in the Modern World

3 Crones Podcast

May 16 2023 • 55 mins

Virginia invites Susan and Tamara to explore role models, archetypes and the choice of looking to the world stage and our local communities to identify those shining ones who inspire and encourage us.

How do you embody an archetypal example of arrival, growth and manifestation?  Who do you look to who helps you to create the life you want?

We touch on many aspects of the feminine divine:  Midwife, seed saver, poet,  Mother, creatrix, Visionary, activist, Shamana and of course, Crone.

Drawn to conversation by a new deck and course created by Anodea Judith, She Rises, we riff on who and what moves and guides us onward.

Ina May Gaskin Spiritual Midwifery
Greta Thunberg Climate Change
Brene Brown Researcher

These are only a few of the names we drop as we seek and honor the elemental and eternal heroines of history and of our own time.

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Editing by Tessa Hall.
Cover art by Siobhan Bedford.

We're three Crones, sharing our real-life experiences and insights to encourage all women to step into their truth and agency...no easy feat in a chaotic world; but essential nonetheless. Join our virtual circle for inspiration, en-COURAGE-ment and some much needed laughter.

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