Filling Your Cup with Connection: Lesley Jones

It's Her Story

Aug 22 2022 • 30 mins

God always comes to Lesley through people. She is a firm believer that God created us to connect with others, and we do that by sharing our stories and finding pieces of ourselves in one another. She used to fill up with alcohol and through a divine, almost "other-wordly" experience with God she is now sober and fills up with connection; it's where God lives.

Lesley is a wife, mother of three, entrepreneur, and follower of Christ.  She is the owner of Traveling Pendants, a brand built on the idea that connection is the one one thing that, without fail, can give our lives meaning and purpose.  This episode will follow Lesley as she found her strength for the journey, what led her to create Traveling Pendants and the beautiful gift of hope they can provide to those who receive them.  The pendants will be available at the Women in Christian Leadership Lydia's Boutique and which you can find by clicking HERE.  You can also visit Lesley's website which is currently getting a facelift and will be available in September.  10% of each customized Women in Christian Leadership pendant will be donated back to the organization!

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