Family, Faith and Finding the Answering Place

It's Her Story

Jun 15 2022 • 26 mins

Many of us act on information without having carefully pondered it. “Zeal is not good where reflection is wanting, He who goes too quickly misses His way” Proverbs 19:2. It’s good to take time apart and get quiet and listen for answers as we make decisions that affect the lives of others. Where in your life are you acting on “information” without seeking “answers”?

Dr. Cassie Barlow began as a small-town girl with big dreams of higher education. Driven by faith from the beginning, Cassie turned to the military to further her education and found an extension of the family foundation she was born into. Her career took her around the world and her faith anchored her in each of her 13 placements. Her career would eventually lead her to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where she commanded one of the largest air base wings in the Air Force with more than 5,000 Air Force military, civilian, and contractor employees.

In this episode, Cassie will share how her family of origin formed her faith, a faith that would bring her to an extended military family. Cassie went to The Answering Place many times in her journey and will host Women in Christian Leadership's Virtual Roundtable topic "He Went To The Answering Place" from Jesus in Blue Jeans by Laurie Beth Jones. You can register to join her at

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