Stand in Faith, Hope and Trust: A Story of Healing with Marilyn Caporini

It's Her Story

Nov 16 2022 • 1 hr 18 mins

Amidst a frightening health crisis, Marilyn found herself isolated, vulnerable and afraid.  Relying on YouTube videos about healing, prayer and praise, Marilyn chose to cast her cares on Jesus with scripture verses and praying the prayer of consecration, submission, of the Lord.   In this episode, she will share how to stand firm on the promises of healing and health and to stay focused on God's goodness instead of the current trial.

Marilyn's story will provide a tether of hope to those facing illness, hardship or loneliness.  When we keep our mind focused on what is true, right and virtuous, we stand in faith and cast our fears aside, trusting the Lord will provide.  You will walk away inspired and filled with hope!

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