Trust God and Keep Going with Karen Wonders

It's Her Story

Apr 2 2023 • 35 mins

When Karen and I met at a bible study 15 years ago, neither one of us knew the impact those hours in the back room at Starbuck's would have. Facing personal hardships at the time, this would be the catalyst to Karen's journey of faith. She would hear God's call to use her to create an organization that helps cancer patients. She struggled with fear and self doubt her entire life, but He has used her anyway to do amazing things, in every way possible!!! Teaching her to trust Him, be obedient, seek Him, and not give up - even in the hard times.

God led her to start ⁠Maple Tree Cancer Alliance⁠ and has helped open doors along the way, strengthening her as a leader so she can impact more people, all over the world! He prepared her for this work before she was even a Christian - and she even knew it back then! Since then, He has continued to encourage her to stay the course and keep going!

Karen's story will encourage you to Trust God - He can and will use you if you allow Him!

Karen is the Founder and CEO of Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, and Professor/Program Director of Exercise Physiology at Wright State University. Her passion is to advocate for exercise to serve as part of the national standard of care for cancer. Through her non-profit organization, Maple Tree provides free exercise training to thousands of cancer survivors every month to more than 60 clinical locations across the world. An avid researcher, Dr. Wonders is committed to evidence-based practice in her facilities and has a robust research program.

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