Virtual Leadership Roundtable Preview and Divine Connections with Melissa Jones

It's Her Story

Aug 14 2022 • 38 mins

Announcing our Virtual Leadership Roundtable on August 15th at 7:00pm with guest facilitator, Melissa Jones.  Join us as we come together each month to explore a chapter of Jesus in Blue Jeans by Laurie Beth Jones.  Melissa will lead us in discussion on the topic:  Wherever we are giving our utmost attention, our greatest gift of time and energy – there will our altar be. Sometimes our altar is cluttered, piled high with big and little priorities that shift from place to place. What do we have to do to keep our altar clean?  We hope you will join us!!! You can register HERE.

As a preview, we are replaying our episode with Melissa where she shares her story about how God's divine connections impacted her life, delivering to and from and to New Zealand and the miracles along the way.

You can CLICK HERE to learn more about Women in Christian Leadership.

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