Moving On AGAIN Podcast

Jay and Jessie Norman

Moving on Again is a conversational podcast where we discuss our lives in real time, the family of seven that we have been blending for six years, and the mistakes we make along the way. We want to be a rescue for others...a type of rescue WE needed ourselves all those years ago. We want to humbly offer our experiences as a road map on what to do, and what you REALLY ought not! Holy smokes! We also want those same stories to sit right next to you to show you that you are not alone, as our God comforts you with His grace and unconditional love. After forty-six episodes of the Moving On Podcast Jay and I came to an impass. Would that be a nice stopping point after five seasons? Or were we to continue? After a month of tough deliberation and confusing discussion, the kind where he uses one language and I use another entirely, we were at a loss. We defeatedly cancelled our website, podcast email, and online farm store. Cancelled the ten monthly subscriptions you need to hold to maintain a podcast. And IN came the calvary riding on lightning bolts....well maybe not lightning bolts, persay but their messages for us sure felt the same magnitude. After a quiet six months the messages started rolling in THAT week, "where ARE you guys??" and "WHEN are the new episodes coming out??". We felt thunder from Heaven saying, AGAIN. The moment our online store was cancelled we received well over thirty orders in three days. We felt the thunder from Heaven saying, AGAIN. A new friend of ours entered our lives that month with word to "go again". We felt the....well, you get it now! We knew to go AGAIN and that is where our new name derived, Moving On Again Podcast, where we talk about all of the same things we used to, except it is a different year, we are a different us, and, welp everything is different! Let's Go! "AGAIN" -Kurt Russell, Miracle (2004) "Keep doing exactly what you are doing, do not turn back, keep moving forward" -Jay Rush (2015) read less
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