Role of application security posture management in cybersecurity

Cloud Security Podcast

Feb 2 2024 • 40 mins

Navigating modern application security in a world of Cloud, DevSecOps and now AI is getting rather complex. We spoke to Idan Plotnik, who has 24 years of cybersecurity experience under his belt and is the Co-Founder of Apiiro about world of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and their relevance in both large and small organizations. Idan speaks about the challenges faced in managing vast quantities of repositories and tackles common misconceptions about ASPM, confirming that it's not intended to replace existing security pipelines.

Guest Socials: Idan Plotnik

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Questions asked: (00:00) Introduction (04:58) A bit about Idan Plotnik (05:56) Application Security tools explained (08:09) Why Application Security Orchestration Correlation (ASOC) didn't work? (09:14) Difference between Cloud Security and Application Security Tools (14:51) Why is there a growing need for Application Security Tools today? (19:07) Do Small to Medium size businesses need Application Security Tools? (21:46) Managing Cybersecurity Tools (26:08) API Security for Applications (30:29) Dealing with Regulatory Requirements in Cybersecurity (34:16) Evolving Goals in Application Security (35:49) Deciphering MTTR in Cybersecurity (37:54) The Fun Questions (39:37) Where you can connect with Idan?