Multicloud strategy for AWS and GCP

Cloud Security Podcast

Jan 19 2024 • 27 mins

What is a good multicloud strategy in 2024? We spoke to Vivek Menon, CISO for Digital Turbine about the maturity and security capabilities of major cloud service providers, AWS and GCP.

Vivek spoke about the journey from on-premise to multi-cloud landscapes, the strategic approaches to cloud security in 2024, and the unique challenges that teams face across different cloud platforms. Vivek shared his insights into IAM, misconfigurations, and the value of dedicated cloud-specific teams provide a roadmap for organizations aiming to enhance their cloud security posture.

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Questions asked:

(00:00) Introduction

(01:58) A bit about Vivek Menon

(02:53) Transitioning from On-Premise to Multi-Cloud

(05:35) What is mobile ad tech?

(06:44) Why AWS and GCP?

(08:09) Challenges in Multi-Cloud Environments - The people piece

(09:37) Challenges in Multi-Cloud Environments - The process piece

(10:42) Managing identities in a MultiCloud Environment

(12:52) Managing Misconfigurations in a MultiCloud Environment

(13:58) Multi-Cloud Security- Build In-House or Buy Tools

(17:44) Starting Point for MultiCloud Policy

(18:54) AWS vs. Google Cloud: Comparing Cloud Security Maturity

(20:28) What makes security in Google Cloud stand out

(21:18) CISO Guide: Initiating a Cloud Security Strategy in 2024

(25:01) The Fun Section

(27:03) Where can you connect with Vivek