AWS reInvent 2023 - Security highlights and announcements

Cloud Security Podcast

Dec 5 2023 • 56 mins

Cloud Security Podcast just got back from AWS re:invent 2023, there was a lot of chat around, you guessed it - GenAI but along with that there were plenty of security updates and announcement. Shilpi and Ashish broke them all down for you and what it all actually means for all security practitioners.

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Questions asked:

(00:00) Introduction

(04:49) GenAI at AWS re:Invent

(06:01) No new security service announced

(06:48) Updates from CEO and CTO Keynotes

(11:29) What is Amazon Inspector?

(12:10) Amazon Inspector Security Updates

(15:09) What is AWS Security Hub?

(15:52) AWS Security Hub Security Updates

(18:52) What is Amazon GuardDuty?

(20:10) Amazon GuardDuty Security Updates

(22:49) What is Amazon Detective?

(23:45) Amazon Detective Security Updates

(26:22) What is IAM Access Analyser?

(28:06) IAM Access Analyser Security Updates

(30:33) What is AWS Config?

(31:25) AWS Config Security Updates

(32:35) Other Security Updates

(33:46) 3 Layers of AI

(35:21) What is Amazon CodeWhisperer?

(36:36) Amazon Application Composer

(37:34) Guardrails for Bedrock

(38:13) Amazon Q

(41:17) Zero Trust

(41:45) Ransomware

(44:29) Security Talks

(45:54) Input filtering and validation for WAF

(50:31) Enterprise IAM and data perimeter

(53:00) Conclusion and find out more!

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