Cybersecurity Best Practices and Password Security in Cloud and AI

Cloud Security Podcast

Jan 26 2024 • 29 mins

We caught up with Troy Hunt and Scott Helme at NDC Security Oslo 2024 to talk about best practices when it come to decoding TLS, password security and data breaches in cloud and AI.

Troy Hunt, known for his work with, spoke to us about the complexities of cloud deployment and paradox of data input versus privacy risk in Large Language Models (LLMs), Cloud. Scott Helme, a security researcher and founder of, spoke about the importance of early security training in the development lifecycle for applications built in 2024. We dissected the critical yet often overlooked aspects of cybersecurity in cloud and ai.

Guest Socials: Troy Hunt + Scott Helme

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Questions asked:

(00:00) Introduction

(01:37) Evolving Landscape of Password Management

(04:17) Analyzing Data Breach Trends:

(05:48) Latest Security Protocols with TLS and Encryption

(08:24) Debating Encryption Key Management

(10:59) AI's Role in Data Breaches:

(13:59) Best Practices for Enterprise Password Management

(16:01) Best Practices for Password Management in Small to Medium Sized Businesses

(18:04) Top 5 security best practices

(19:58) Understanding Security Headers

(27:14) The Fun Section