Kubernetes Network Security for Multi Tenancy

Cloud Security Podcast

Dec 12 2023 • 26 mins

Kubernetes security explained : We spoke to Cailyn Edwards, CNCF Ambassador and Senior Security Engineer at Shopify. Interview was recorded at Kubecon NA 2023. We asked her about the complexities of Kubernetes Network Security in a multi-tenant environment. During the interview, she shared the nuances of Kubernetes network security in multi-tenant setups, tools and tactics for securing Kubernetes environments, insights from her journey at Shopify and tips for advancing the security maturity of Kubernetes networks.

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Questions asked:

(00:00) Introduction (02:25) A bit about Cailyn (03:08) How is Kubernetes Networking different? (04:20) Foundational pieces of Kubernetes Networking (06:21) Whats missing in Kubernetes Networking? (07:47) What is Multi Tenancy? (10:20) What are some of the common threat models? (13:16) How are people responding to threats? (14:41) Where to start learning about this? (16:26) Best practices for Kubernetes Networking (18:16) What becomes more important with maturity? (21:14) Resources to learn more about Kubernetes Security (22:30) The Fun Section

Resources shared during the episode:

Kubernetes Security Checklist - https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/security/security-checklist/

Pentesting your own cluster with Liz Rice - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVqCAUJiIn0