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Cloud Security Podcast

Dec 15 2023 • 27 mins

Cloud Security environments looks very complex in 2023, and it will continue to evolve in 2024 now with AI. At AWS re:Invent 2023 this year, we sat down with Alex Jauch, Senior Director of Product Management at Outshift to talk about the complexities in Cloud Security, the role of GenAI and what can be items to consider for your 2024 Cloud Security Program.

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Questions Asked: (00:00) Introduction (01:34) A bit about Alex (02:02) Current Cloud Security Landscape (04:43) The cloud security acronyms (08:44) Dealing with complex infrastructure (12:31) Impact of GenAI on Security (15:26) Do you have GenAi in Production? (16:55) We are all one team! (19:04) 2024 Security Program (20:39) Whats not being spoken about? (22:11) The fun section (26:00) Where you can connect with Alex!