Understanding Threat Modeling in Cloud

Cloud Security Podcast

Mar 1 2024 • 50 mins

Do you need an essential guide for Threat Modeling your Cloud Environment, then this episode is definitely for you. Ashish sat down with Tyson Garrett from TrustOnCloud. We explore why and how organizations should approach threat modeling in cloud to enhance their security posture. Tyson and Ashish go through the practical steps required for effective threat modeling, including identifying and prioritizing threats, and the continuous adaptation required to address the dynamic nature of cloud services.

Guest Socials: Tyson Garrett

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Questions asked:

(00:00) Introduction

(02:50) A bit about Tyson Garrett

(04:27) What is Threat Modeling in Cloud?

(06:29) Threat Modeling the right way in the Cloud

(08:23) Threat Modeling in Cloud vs On Prem

(11:05) Examples of Threat Modeling

(13:41) Threat Modeling AI Services from Cloud Providers

(21:58) Including Threat Modeling in Security Programs

(25:09) Threat Modeling Cloud at Scale

(28:08) Different Approaches for Threat Modeling

(30:21) Challenges with Threat Modeling in Cloud

(33:42) Best Practices for Threat Modeling in Cloud

(39:59) Showing ROI on Threat Modeling

(42:57) Maturity Levels of Threat Modeling

(45:21) Starting point for learning about Threat Models

(46:12) The Fun Questions

(48:41) Where can you connect with Tyson

Resources spoken about during the episode

TrustOnCloud has kindly offered a Free ThreatModel of your choice to our listeners - you can register here to pick yours

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